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US Passport Information

US Passport Information

The US citizens for entering other countries and leave own country require passports. The passports are issued by The United States Department State. There are two formats of documents. The first one is a passport booklet and the second one is a passport card.

For obtaining US passport, application may be submitted at any passport agency, federal and state courts, municipal offices and post offices. For first time application of passport, you need to be present in person and passport is issued in own name only. In case the applicant is less than 14 years old, consent of both the parents is essential as part of documentation.

US passport booklets have a validity for traveling anywhere in the world but visa may be required for entering certain specific countries. The US passport booklets abide by the standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

For obtaining US passport, you must submit the complete application form DSP-11 at any of the passport agency office and sign in presence of an authorized agent. The proof of US citizenship must also be submitted along with the application form. Proof of identity and two passport photographs are the next requirements for applying for US passport. Requisite application fee of $67 along with$30 execution fee for person aged 16 years and above with a passport validity of ten years should be submitted. In case the applicant is under the age of 16 years, $57 must be paid for a five-year validity passport along with an execution fee of $ 30.

It is always better to apply for a passport well in advance of your scheduled departure. Usually, the processing time for issuing passport is 25 working days from the receipt of your application. In case of or an emergency, you can obtain the US passport within seven days by paying an additional fee of $60.

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