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Germany Passport Information

Germany Passport Information

The bearer of a German passport is eligible to travel to all the countries of the world. There are 188 countries that do not require visa or issue a visa on arrival for the German passport bearers. Out of 188 countries, 155 countries allow visa free travel to the German passport holders 

Eligibility criteria to apply for a passport:

The following is the eligibility criteria to apply for a German passport:
Applicants must be a citizen of Germany

How to apply for a passport?
Applicants can apply for a German passport locally and also from overseas. Locals can submit their passport application form at different local Municipal registration offices. Overseas applicants can fill their overseas passport application forms and can submit them to their nearest German embassy or consulate.

Documents required in issuing a passport:
The following documents are required by an applicant to issue a passport:
•    Two passport photographs:
•    Birth Certificate
•    Proof of French nationality
•    Proof of domicile or residence
•    Proof of your marital status
•    Fingerprints

Time Required in Issuing a Passport:
Time required to issue a passport depends upon the are of the applicant and the faithfulness of the documents supplied. It generally takes 30 days to issue passport for residents above the age of 24 years.

Costs Involved in Issuing a Passport:
The cost involved in issuing a 32 pages passport for person ageing 24 years and above is 59 EUROS. Passport issued for persons below 24 years of age costs 37.50 EUROS. 48 pages express delivery premium passport costs 32 EUROS.

Validity of Passport:
Passports issued to persons below 24 years of age are valid for a period of 6 years, whereas passports issued to persons above 24 years of age are valid for a period of 10 years.

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